Why Did Google Shut Down the URL Shortener Google?


A url shortener google is an online service that takes a long URL and creates a shorter, more manageable link to the original web page. This makes sharing links on social media easier, as some networks like Twitter have character limitations that can be overwhelmed by lengthy URLs. Additionally, many URL shorteners offer tracking capabilities to see who’s clicking on a given link and where they’re coming from.

This is especially useful for businesses that use links in marketing campaigns, as they can analyze the effectiveness of their ads and content. The shortened URLs can also be used to create QR codes for use in printed materials, such as business cards or posters.

Why did google shut down the url shortener?
Many people avoid clicking on shortened links because they can’t be sure what they will find when they go to the site. This is because shortened links hide their final destination and may lead to malware or other undesired pages. This can have serious consequences for a business’s reputation.

Fortunately, there are plenty of good URL shorteners available. Some are free, while others have paid plans with more features, such as branded links, analytics, and click tracking. Hootsuite’s Owly and Bitly, for example, are both reliable and fast, and both support UTM parameters for analytics and campaign tracking. Both are also integrated with other tools like scheduling, analytics, and content creation in one convenient dashboard. Try them for free today. url shortener google

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