What is Cryptomixer?


Cryptomixer is a service that increases the privacy of cryptocurrency transactions. It does so by obfuscating the transaction history of the Bitcoin blockchain by mixing funds with those of other users. This makes it difficult for investigators to link individual deposits back to their original owners. It also does not store any user data or logs.

Mixers are used by individuals seeking to protect their personal privacy, or to circumvent restrictions that might be placed on their transactions due to their status or location. However, they are also frequently embraced by criminals seeking to launder ill-gotten proceeds.

As a result, the sector is increasingly coming under scrutiny by regulators and is being hit with sanctions. It’s therefore important that those looking to invest in or use these services conduct robust due diligence – including researching who else uses the service, what other issues have emerged, and whether or not the platform is compliant with local regulations.

There are two types of mixers – custodial and decentralized. Custodial mixers are like tumblers but are operated by a company, which means they have the ability to retain records that could potentially reveal the origin of coins in the future. Decentralized mixers, on the other hand, are based on peer-to-peer protocols and are permissionless. This means that they have a much lower barrier to entry and offer a greater level of anonymity, but they also require more users to contribute to a pool. cryptomixer

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