Mac LAto – A 50/50 Hybrid Strain


Mac LAto is a 50/50 hybrid strain that’s perfect for hybrid lovers who appreciate heavy flavor and a euphoric high. The balanced effects of this strain make it ideal for medical marijuana users suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress as well as chronic pains such as migraines, muscle spasticity, and joint inflammation. In addition to providing relief from insomnia, this strain has been shown to stimulate appetite and help manage symptoms of anorexia.

The rich family lineage of this strain shows in its densely packed trichome-covered buds. The long, minty green nugs are shaped like cones or footballs and tipped with orange hairs. The flavor of this strain carries notes of citrus, grape, and vanilla. It’s also reminiscent of sweet fruity candy with each hit.

This strain contains a variety of terpenes, including limonene (found in the rinds of citrus fruits) and pinene, which is found in pine trees and conifers. The combination of these flavors give this strain its unique scent and taste, which combines a dank sour citrus aroma with an earthy spicy herb overtone.

The first thing that most notice when they smoke or dab this strain is the burst of euphoria that accompanies the first wave of effects. This is followed by a relaxing and soothing feeling that begins in the head before spreading to the body. Often, this strain inspires a productive mindset and creative energy while helping relieve the pain of anorexia, loss of appetite, nausea, stress, and depression. maclato strain

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