Buying a Wireless Breast Pump


If you’re a new mom or returning to work after breastfeeding your baby, there’s no doubt that having a wireless breast pump is key to keeping up your milk supply. These small, battery-operated pumps are lighter and more portable than electric models and some can even be used hands-free with a wearable pumping bra.

The best wireless pumps can adjust to your flow and nipple size and offer different settings and suction levels so you can customize the experience. Some even have a massage mode that mimics the natural sucking of a newborn to help encourage letdown. Some can be controlled from a smartphone app and come with an LCD display that tells you how long you’ve been pumping and the current suction level.

While most wireless pumps can be worn hands-free, some need to be attached to a pumping bra (which holds the flanges and milk-collection bottles). Others—like the Elvie, which is so small that it looks like a tiny TV remote—can be worn in your bra without anyone noticing. The Elvie also has a sleek, minimalist design that’s super easy to use and includes breast shields in two sizes.

Another hands-free option is the Freemie system, which attaches to your waistband and comes with a set of collection cups. While it’s not entirely wireless—a dual cord connects the various parts of the pump—it allows more freedom of movement than a traditional electric model and offers a sleep timer that shuts down your session automatically. wireless breast pump

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